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Aqua Bag
The Bag

Discover the power of low-impact boxing with our water-filled bags. Elevate your fitness journey with the unique sensation of punching through water, making it suitable for all fitness levels. Gentle on joints, engaging, and designed to reduce the risk of injury.

The Weights

Utilize our versatile weights and benches
to sculpt and transform every part of your body – from legs and booty to arms, chest, and abs. Unleash a new you with targeted strength exercises. Use the weights that are right for you!

50 minutes of dynamic training in 10-12 rounds, divided between two BURN stations and styles of training. Half of time low-impact boxing in our BURN bags for cardio and conditioning. Half of time in the BURN benches with weights to build strengths and muscles.

  • 50-75 minutes of High Intensity Intervall Training (HIIT)
  • Boxing, Cardio, Strengths
  • Up to 1000 calories in 50 min
  • Heart rate-pulse-controlled
  • Energizing beats
  • Motivational instructor
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Heart Rate

Our heart rate monitoring ensures your pulse stays in the ideal zone for boosting metabolism, optimizing fat burning, and building strength. Elevate your workouts efficiently with our science-backed approach to heart rate tracking at every step.

& Light

Dive into the lively vibe of a club-inspired playlist and vibrant lights, intensifying the atmosphere and challenging you with each beat. We aim to make every session not only fitness-focused but also enjoyable. Join us for a workout that's both effective and a thrilling experience of joy and transformation!

Burn Benefits

Low Impact Boxing

Experience the power of boxing without impact. Torch fat, boost cardio, and enhance strength and coordination. Enjoy stress relief in every punch.

1000 calories burned

Ignite fat loss with HIIT, burning 1,000 calories in each 50-minute session. Push limits, sustain high heart rate, and build lean body mass.

build strength and Muscles

Transform with weights, sculpting muscles from head to toe. A full-body metamorphosis awaits – legs, booty, arms, chest, shoulders, and abs.


Turn workouts into a pulsating party with beats, live DJs, and a vibrant club atmosphere. Let motivating instructors and the group energy elevate your fitness journey.


Join the Burn family, work out with up to 25, and never go solo. Instructors and hosts are your allies, ensuring a supportive and uplifting fitness experience.

Our Classes

Boxing in the centre

Burn Bxng 50

  • 50 minutes + pre-class
  • 50% Boxing, 50% Weights
  • 10 rounds in total
  • HIIT


Burn Bxng
Knockout 75

  • 75 minutes + pre-class
  • 50% Boxing, 50% Weights
  • 14 rounds in total
  • Full Body – a specific changing focus
  • HIIT


Burn Bxng

  • 75 minutes + pre-class
  • 50% Bags, 50% Footwork/
    Shadow Boxing
  • Practice of boxing technique only
  • Cardio focus


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